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Mafcon Devices is one of the well-known manufacturers of fire safety devices in India. Our company deals with a variety of fire extinguishers and fire protection products like Fire discretion System, Water mist & Specialised productions, etc. and presently we’re anticipating into Fire Extinguisher Refilling Services.

Why and When Fire Extinguishers refilling is Required ?

It is very important to understand the importance of Fire extinguishers refilling as it saves lives of many.

A fire extinguisher Refill need to be refilled on the basis of two main factors

1. In case the fire extinguisher is used, even partially, it is useless in a fire scenario. So it is important to get the fire extinguisher refilled immediately, without any delay.

2. it is mandatory for the shell of the fire extinguisher to undergo a Hydrostatic Pressure Test every 3 years.

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