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Hose Reel Drum

Material of Construction

Hub Side & Wall BracketM.S Steel of IS: 884/1985
Swivel JointLTB-2 of IS :318
Pipe with fittingSteel of IS :1239 Part I
Branch Shut of NozzleIS : 8090
Hose Reel TublingThermoplastic Hose (IS: 12858)

Aluminium Compact Type Hose Reel Drum

Technical Specification

TypeSwining 1800 Wall Mounting
SizeIntel 20mm (3/4 BSP Thread Size)
Conforming SpecificationIS 884
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Performance Test

Hydraulic TestTested at 20 kgf /cm2
Range & Water Flow rate test at 7 Kgf / cm2
(A) Discharge (B) Range Jet Length
  24 LPM 6 mtr (Min)
HologramSticker Stuck on wheel
HologramSticker Stuck on Coupling